Should Prince William Have A State Wedding

No matter how many political advisors and consultants there are at the Royal families calling, William 2nd in line for the title of King of England, and Kate have stated they will be very hands on in planning their event. With initial reactions to their engagement split into two camps, many are applauding the effects a state wedding can have and many are already opposing a lavish do, citing how could a country in recession, where many people have lost their jobs put on a spectacle costing millions of pounds for a privileged group whose only claim to wealth came through blood, (and an abdication at that), rather than enterprise or hard work.

The protagonists are claiming the wedding would be an enormous boost for the country, citing the sales and interest in fashion due to the wedding and bridesmaids dresses could kick start a lagging industry. Could one day change all that? Maybe, maybe not, but one things for sure the media interest in a Royal family wedding would be phenomenal. Hark back to 29th July 1981 when Diana Spencer married Prince Charles. Time seemed to stop, it was on all the major broadcast channels live with 750 million viewers worldwide, hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets; the nation went into a fever. Could this be what the people need in times like this?

Throwing a huge spectacle does spark some major concerns, who will pick up the police bill, who will pay for the television videography, who will pay for the civil servants and the many displays including the King's Guards? The public are already very angry about having to foot the bill for the banks. How do you think they will feel if they have to pay for the wedding of a privileged class who have never had first hand experience of financial hardship? What the Royal's have to do now is gauge public opinion and handle the matter in a sensitive manner.

If the general feeling of the people of the UK is that they need a big wedding like this to elevate their mood then the show must go on. Conversely if this is not true the wedding must be a low key affair, perhaps behind doors with possible BBC coverage to keep the royal supporters in the loop. It's all a manner of judging the feelings of the British Public.

The Politicians' undoubtedly didn't handle this well with the massive bank bail outs. Can the Royal's and their advisors do a better job? They certainly have an advantage in one area. Public anger was heightened after the bank rescues as banks became increasingly miserly with loans and it became almost impossible to get a mortgage. Banks also shot the interest rates up and many without reason. It was after all the man in the streets wallet that bailed them out. Now they won't even lend him some of his money back. What a kick in the proverbial groin. As the Royal's don't operate in any main stream marketplaces that directly effect our lives the furor will soon die down after the wedding is over. They can disappear from the limelight again and the tabloid fuss will die down again. That is until the happy couple go on honeymoon and the pap race is on to see who gets the first glorious snaps of the happy couple on an Indian Ocean yacht...Life styles of the rich and the famous.

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